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Artist Andrew Morrison Hired as Sacred Circle Gallery Manager

United Indians is Re-opening Sacred Circle Gallery and Gift Shop with a grant from Seattle’s Art Means Business Program

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation is excited to announce the hiring of Artist Andrew Morrison as the Gallery and Gift Shop manager for the Sacred Circle Gallery at Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in Seattle’s Discovery Park.

A Seattle native, Mr. Morrison is a professionally trained artist, with Native American roots. Mr. Morrison was born into both a Native American Haida carving family from Hydaburg, AK and an Apache language speaking family from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Bylas, AZ. He has studied Northwest Coastal Native American artwork his entire life and has studied Native American symbolism. Mr. Morrison is best known in Seattle for his “Great Murals of Indian Heritage” at Wilson Pacific School. Mr. Morrison will bring his unique vision to Daybreak Star’s Sacred Circle Gallery as Gallery Manager and Curator.

His unique approach will come from his perspective on Native American culture and art. Mr Morrison says, “The Native American culture revolves around the visual artwork that decorates our regalia, longhouses, teepees, entry ways, canoes, personal garments, currency, and spirituality. Visually, the arts give our Native American culture a face. The beadwork, traditional colors, traditional foods, traditional prayers, and traditional artwork of our Native American culture give birth to our modern culture. A rebirth of the Sacred Circle Art Gallery will strive to maintain a fresh presentation, strive to represents Native artists, and treat Native artists with the respect that they, their families, and their tribes deserve.”

The Sacred Circle Gallery at United Indians has been a premier location to showcase traditional and contemporary Native American Art from leading Artists throughout the United States.

This position is funded in part, by a grant from Seattle’s Art Means Business Program.

About Andew Morrison: Mr. Morrison has been professionally trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, and has a degree in Art from Tufts University. His murals are featured at Wilson Pacific school in Seattle, and his artwork has been featured at the Trickster Gallery in Chicago, Sacred Circle Gallery at Daybreak Star in Seattle, and at the Rhode Island School of Design Gallery.

About United Indians of All Tribes Foundation:
Provide educational, cultural and social services that reconnect indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people.

About Art Means Business:
The purpose of Seattle’s Arts Mean Business 2.0 funding opportunity is to create greater equity and inclusiveness in Seattle by funding pivotal arts jobs for arts, cultural and heritage organizations that serve under-represented communities.

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