Art is the medium through which we recount the feelings of the past, in which we record our emotional response to present events, and by which we inspire and express our hopes for the future. Through Art we capture what is, and manifest what should be, and each Artist lends to their audience a unique lens through which to newly view a shared experience, or to witness a world unknown. 

During this time in which we endure an ongoing global pandemic, social upheaval, and the loss of community spaces, as venues and art spaces shutter their doors, United Indians recognizes the importance of Art and in investing in Artists. As such our Emerging Natives Artists Cohort is being reimagined to incorporate a broader, more diverse collection of artistic expression.  

From sculptors and painters, to bead-workers, textile artists, medicine makers, and fashion designers, from graphic designers to videographers and digital creators, from individual musicians and music groups to DJs, from language artists and storytellers who preserve the words of their ancestors, to poets and spoken word artists who express experiences of their own and those of their community past, present, and future, this Cohort seeks to connect, inspire, and invest in Native Artists regardless of medium. 

As we look toward the future we see in Art and Native Artists the medicine needed to strengthen the bonds of community that have been weakened by isolation. As such our Cohort will be focused on those who experience isolation, not only through the pandemic, but also by lives and identities that do not fit neatly in with the colonial rigidity of contemporary society; our Two Spirit, and LGBTQIA+ community members. Whether applying Artists are newly exploring their Native ancestry, or expressing their own indigeneity, found identity, or beloved traditions through their chosen mediums, our Cohort seeks to be a place where those Artists may connect with, and find space in community. 

This program is an integral part of UIATF’s Sacred Circle Gallery and Daybreak Star Radio Network. Please contact Sherry at for more information, or to apply to be a member of our ongoing Native Musicians Cohort. For more information, or apply to be a member of our Native Artists Cohort, please contact José at