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Sacred Circle Gallery Current Exhibit

Sacred Circle Gallery holds Daybreak Star's curated exhibits of Native American art, featuring contemporary and traditional Native American art by a wide range of internationally recognized and local artists. We are proud to have sustained support through 4Culture

Current Exhibit: Jeremy Dennis | April 10 - June 30, 2024

“‘Rise’ reflects upon the ongoing subtle fear of indigenous people in the United States. Fear, in this instance, may come from acknowledging our presence, not as an extinct people, but as sovereign nations who have witnessed and endured the process of colonization for hundreds of years and remain oppressed.

This series reflects upon the inherent fear that one day – oppressed groups may rise and defend themselves. As an indigenous tribal member who has observed the aftermath of colonization and followed my curiosity in the story of survival, especially as a federally recognized tribe east of the Mississippi, Rise approaches the concept of a future Native American uprising from a complicated perspective of military and land deed neutrality, cultural assimilation, and as a people hiding in plain sight.

With the rise of the zombie motif in popular culture, the zombie may be interpreted as the great celebratory enemy, replacing the American Indian. Thus, Rise appropriates the aesthetic and concept of zombie apocalypse by replacing the gory zombie figure with the American Indian, whose simple presence causes terror.

The images reflect an interpretation of an imagined future uprising based on the aftermath of colonization, steeped in both the popular imagination of non-indigenous people and the repressed desires of Native communities to one day retake their territory. In the end, my personal belief is that Americans and Native Americans will never have another great war, but the fear nonetheless exists and this project confronts it by mixing the fear with humor once realized.”

About the Artist

Jeremy Dennis is a contemporary fine art photographer and Shinnecock Indian Nation member. His work explores indigenous identity, assimilation and tradition. Dennis was raised on the Shinnecock Nation Reservation. He holds an MFA from Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, and a BA in studio art from Stony Brook University, NY.

Photo of Jeremy Dennis, by Simon Howell

Call for Artists:

CALL FOR ART at the Sacred Circle Gallery!Daybreakstarart960x350

Our goal is to revitalize the Sacred Circle Gallery by incorporating as many voices of the local Native community and beyond through visual, performance, and literary art. We hope to bridge relationships with other art institutions and galleries across the state and country. This gallery is a space where Native people can express their sacred and sovereign identities without limitations.

The works we are seeking at the moment include:

  • Visual Art – paintings, drawings, prints, and photography.
  • Sculpture and carvings
  • Local Literature – books, publications, poetry, and zines
  • Handmade jewelry and wearable adornments
  • Custom clothing and regalia
  • Audio Recordings – drum groups, local Native musicians of all genres, language lessons
  • Weavings and textiles
  • Pottery
  • Greeting cards, small gifts, toys and ornaments

Please share and send all inquiries to


Next Exhibit

The next artist at the Sacred Circle Gallery will be announced soon. This exhibit will be generously supported by the City of Seattle Office of Arts and 4Culture.

Native American Art Mart

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Permanent Collection

In 1975 the City of Seattle’s 1% for Art Program allocated $80,000 for the Daybreak Star Center for an original collection of Native American Art across cultures. Native American artists were selected through a national competition to create a group of works representative of contemporary India and Alaskan Native art. The Daybreak Star Arts Center opened to the public in 1978.

Visit our Permanent Collection with a Self-Guided Tour of Daybreak Star.

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