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Uŋčí Makhá Home Visiting

Take the first step toward getting your child ready for school and to lead a happy, successful life.

Who We Are

Uŋčí Makhá [Oon-CHEE ma-KAH] means Mother Earth in the Lakota language.

The Uŋčí Makhá Home Visiting Program provides home-visiting services for parents and caregivers of young children. We assist in supporting child development and creating a plan to get children ready for preschool, kindergarten and beyond.

Our team of parent partners work with all individuals who are part of the child’s daily life. You can ask any questions or discuss concerns about child development or where to go for needed services.

Uŋčí Makhá is unique in that it teaches families cultural traditions, and is the only family visiting program in the nation to have a Kayə (“Grandma” in Luhshootseed). This position is specifically designed to engage families in community and cultural events, while providing additional support and encouragement.

"My parent partner is great for all families because you learn about how your child learns, sleeps, eats, plays... and it helps your family as a whole."
Uŋčí Makhá Client

Parent-Partner Visits

Our Parent Partners schedule monthly times to meet with clients and their children in-person or virtually. They will bring a strength-based, age-appropriate activity for you to do together and learn more about the four development domains: motor, cognitive, language, and social/emotional.

Group Connections

Every month we invite all of our families to come together to share a meal and learn cultural activities through socialization and child/parent engagement.

Am I Eligible?

You can join Uŋčí Makhá if you:

  • Live in King County
  • Have a child that is prenatal to 5 years old
  • Are pregnant with or are raising a American Indian/Alaska Native/Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian child (including grandparents, foster parents, and other caregivers)
  • No tribal enrollment or proof is required.
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"My parent partner is like a wise old friend who specializes in children, parents, development, family unity and more.
She's wonderful!"
Uŋčí Makhá Client