LOCATION: 5337 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle 98107

Hours: Monday-Tuesday: 11am – 6pm; Wednesday-Saturday: 11AM-7PM; Sunday: 9AM-4PM.

We are growing! This spring, United Indians opened its third retail store, Sacred Circle Gallery Shop in Ballard, featuring a large selection of original and limited edition prints, and unique Native gifts. Stop by and say hello!

Sacred Circle Gift Shop at Daybreak Star

Location: 5011 Bernie Whitebear Way, Seattle, WA 98199

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 10am – 5pm.

Sacred Circle Gallery hosts a gift shop with Native American made consignment pieces and original art, as well as books, clothing, home goods and other items. We work with many local artists and craftspeople to procure items that align with our history and vision for United Indians. Stop by to browse our amazing collection.

Current Gallery Art Exhibit – Ramon Shiloh

We were very fortunate to have had Ramon Shiloh‘s (Creek, Cherokee, Filipino, African American) work featured in our stores throughout this year and are very excited to showcase a collection of his original paintings and drawings for sale at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center’s Sacred Circle Art Gallery. From now until December 31, 2021, visit the Art Gallery in Seattle for an up-close look at his work. Below is an excerpt from the preface of Shiloh’s collection written by himself.

“Through my work, Invisible Problems Well Documented explores a sampling of these environmental, political, social, and emotional concerns and exposes the consumption and commodification of Indigenous culture, knowledge, and, frankly, our people. The health and wellbeing of our future generations depends upon the acknowledgment of the good, bad, and ugly sides of the United States, at home and in the workplace. To create and reinforce positive social outcomes, rather than omit or forget the past, we need to educate ourselves, starting with the lessons of First Nations people, and acknowledge the truth of our ways to inspire a better future.”

Shiloh is an award-winning author and illustrator of several books. In 2018, he was invited to host a Chef’s Table at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of The American Indian in Washington DC. Additionally, Shiloh focuses many of his efforts on supporting Indigenous children. He uses his knowledge of food, art, and culture to help Native youth develop a love for cooking that connects them both to good health and their histories within our ever-changing world.

Ramon is not only an artist, but an activist, author, storyteller, and chef. Check out his FOOD HERE, his children’s BOOK HERE, and his STORYTELLING HERE.

Sacred Circle Gift Shop at SeaTac Airport

LOCATION: off the main terminal, near the A-gates

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 7am – 5pm. We are open 365 days a year.

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation is excited to bring you a second location of our Sacred Circle Gallery gift shop! Conveniently located off the main terminal near the A-gates, the SeaTac gift shop will sell authentic, Native-designed items including jewelry, clothing, and gifts.