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Native Veterans Program

Standing Alongside our Native Veterans and their Families

The Native Veterans Program supports and honors Indigenous veterans by providing these opportunities:

  • Connection with other Native veterans
  • Sweat lodge sessions at Labateyah Youth Home location
  • Annual and special events at Daybreak Star Cultural Center
  • Assistance with navigating and applying for benefits such as VA status, VA and alternative health care, unemployment, food assistance
  • Referrals to a myriad of services through United Indians

Special Research Project

The Native Veterans Program has procured support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a major research project.

This research will be aimed at gathering input from our native veteran community in order to design improvements and enhancements in the current health care and social services systems, for inclusion and integration of traditional medicine and native cultural awareness.

Would you join us by providing your experiences and ideas for improvements in these systems, in order to better serve native veterans’ needs?