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Real Change Features Sacred Circle Opening

Guardipee native american art seattleHaving an exhibit at Daybreak Star, which provides a spiritual and cultural base for urban Natives in the Seattle area, is a return to the past for Guardipee.

He is now a Seattle resident who travels year-round, but when he first arrived as an up-and-coming artist, he said the center made him feel at home. His whole family has been involved in programs of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (uiatf), which operates the center. At the exhibit, two posters he designed for past uiatf powwows were on display.

But for many, Guardipee’s exhibit is more a sign of the future.

Katherine Cleland, uiatf project coordinator, said the gallery opening and Guardipee exhibit signify a revival of Daybreak Star.

At the end of 2013, the center was facing a financial crisis and possible closure.

“The mood was just so somber, and people were so worried,” Cleland said. “This is the first tangible manifestation of a rebirth.”

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