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Daybreak Star Native Veterans’ Association Offering Support with Paying Bills

The Daybreak Star Native Veterans Association at UIATF is offering resources and culturally competent community connection for Native Veterans and their family members.

The program offers financial assistance for rent, utilities, food and transportation; case management and referrals, small and large scale Indigenous gatherings such as talking circles, powwows, sweat lodge, salmon bakes; traditional medicine, jobs and work preparation, resume help, training certificates, counseling, and more.

The Daybreak Star Native Veterans Association at UIATF allows for Native Veterans to receive community-based support, after a long history of underutilizing Veteran Affairs services due to adversity faced in government systems. The UIATF program was created to address these issues and to help Native Veterans who may have fallen through the cracks of Veteran Affairs system. With Native Americans serving in the U.S. military in every major conflict and at times at a higher rate than any other demographic, this service is crucial to many community members and their families.

To be eligible a veteran or family member of a veteran must self-identify as Native or North, Central, and South American Indigenous, Hawaiian Native, Pacific Islander, and underrepresented, underserved Global Indigenous. To learn more about the program, contact Quentin at [email protected].

The program is funded through the King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy, and by individual donors. To support UIATF programs, click here.



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