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United Indians Hires Mike Tulee as Executive Director

gala 2017

From the Executive Director’s Desk

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. I am very honored, humble, excited and ready to face UIATF challenges, big and small. For many years, I observed UIATF founder and Executive Director Bernie Whitebear with great admiration and respect. I met Bernie over 30 years ago and was fortunate enough to hear some of the “Bernie” stories of humor, craft and achievement. I can recall Bernie working “his magic” in making UIATF a beacon of hope for the thousands of Indigenous men, women and children that set foot on Daybreak Star grounds. One of my first jobs in Seattle was made possible by Bernie, working with Seattle Public Schools students in the academic field. Even today, I look back on my early UIATF days as a great learning experience that helped guide my career path. I greatly appreciate the rich history behind UIATF and hope to positively impact UIATF’s mission that, which strives for the “greater good” of all Indian people. I have great confidence in our dedicated personnel onboard that are ensuring utmost UIATF implementation of programming. We are looking forward to providing a number of great events for the upcoming year, such as our much anticipated annual powwows, galas, Indigenous Days, and holiday celebrations! We hope to see you at our functions!
Mike Tulee, Ph.D.

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